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ForeSee Results

Customer satisfaction. Everyone wants it, few know how to consistently earn it. It's fickle, elusive and oh-so necessary to success.

ForeSee Results has made it their mission to quantify and qualify what makes a customer return to an online business again and again. What makes a person choose to buy that new raincoat or mp3 player or pair of socks? What encourages him or her to make the leap from browser to buyer?

Using the proven methodology of the University of Michiganís American Customer Satisfaction Index, this Ann Arbor start up is growing in leaps and bounds, working their magic for retail, entertainment, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and government clients.

But why read our blah blah blah when you get it from the horses mouth? Tom Hendrickson takes you on a tour of this ever-evolving Internet company. Click the YouTube video below. 

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