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Patent Board says GM No. 1 global auto innovator

Auto journalist Matthew DeBord gives a hearty shout out to GM, explaining why the car company is a leader in auto innovation.


"GM actually stands as a good example of what I'll call "managed" innovation. The company has spent a century relentlessly improving the automobile as a means of transportation. That's right — Toyota (TM) and its Lexus brand didn’t invent "the relentless pursuit of perfection"! They may have perfected the pursuit, but making cars better — if not always much safer or radically more efficient — has always been an overarching goal of carmakers.

That said, GM has typically sought to market innovation that can matter — to consumers and to the company. The General is often dinged for failing to get hybrids on the road before Toyota rolled out the Prius, but when hybrid tech was first seriously explored in the late 1970s and '80s, the innovation still looked experimental. Consumers could do better buying a reliable, inexpensive, fuel-efficient Japanese car."

Read the rest of the story here.

More on the patent board's recent ranking of GM as the leading global innovator.

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